Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tell Obama What You Think Of His Socialism


We have an opportunity to demonstrate to our elected officials, especially our Congressmen and those Senators up for re-election in 15 months, how we feel about the Obama-Pelosi Health Care legislation. Best of all it is simple (and as a side benefit it will really annoy the Greenies).

When we go to bed on Tuesday night, August 18, let's turn on all those lights in our homes (which do not interfere with sleep)--and all our outdoor lighting, perhaps even placing some extra lighting outdoors. Leave our lights on all night. Satellite photos will capture everything and there should be enough of a contrast to normal night time satellite imagery that our Washington pols will be carefully analyzing their own district / state "lighting" on these photos. Our message WILL be delivered--and we can count on the fact that our elected officials care more about being re-elected than anything else--and that includes party loyalty.

It's an easy, cheap, and effective way to deliver the message that we do not want to go down the socialist path. There are many options for improving our health care system. Tort reform, requiring a losing plaintiff to pay defendant legal fees, eliminating state mandates, allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines, and making insurance portable are but a few of the changes which would lead to a broad range of insurance choices and would bring down insurance rates substantially. Giving Americans--both employers and employees-- a choice should be the number one objective of any health care reform.

KEEP SENDING this e-mail / KEEP REMINDING everyone you know to participate and ask them to do likewise. We have an opportunity to be heard. Two hundred plus years ago, our forefathers did far more to fight for freedom and liberty against another "power grab". They put their lives on the line. All we have to do is turn on the lights!

If you 50 people each send to 50 additional and they to 50 additional and they to 50 additional and they to 50 additional we reach 300million (This assumes no duplicates --but it also only assumes 50 people per e-mailer. Let's just say we can get this done AND QUICKLY--if we each spend a few minutes.

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