Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Kennedy Love Dysfunction

Source (Note: deaths of Boat People omitted)

Perhaps the worshipful major media simply happened to overlook these events in presenting Kennedy’s accomplishment.

”Airbrushing out Mary Jo Kopechne“

”Ted Kennedy's Soviet Gambit”

No list is complete without the horror of South Vietnam. Kennedy was a leading activist and voice in opposition to the Vietnam War. To be sure, there were other outspoken opponents. But he was among the most influential and involved, who played a dominant role in Congress denying the South Vietnamese additional aid to defend themselves, and the American military the funds to support them. The North had been defeated militarily by the U.S. and the South, but without this aid the Communists were able to roll over the South’s forces, and seize the country. Similarly for Cambodia, where the communist Khmer Rouge defeated government forces. The result was the predicted blood bath in South Vietnam and Cambodia (remember the “Killing Fields”). See the table above for a classification of the dead and murdered in the war, before, during, and after (deaths of the Boat People not included).

The post-war blood of millions is on Kennedy’s hands. Will the souls of all these victims, as well as Mary Jo Kopechne, wish him to RIP?


  1. University abound with t-shirts showing the hammer and sickle, Guevara, the red star and all the icons of societies where intellectual freedom were severely limited.

    A question in regards to Cambodia. I have heard people blame the US intelligence agencies for Pol Pots actions. Last I looked, both Pol Pot and Ho Chi Minh interestingly studied in France. I don't ever remember reading the US aiding Pol Pot. Maybe I'm wrong.

    Clearly, his later 'Year Zero' Marxism was totally at odds with US values at the time.

  2. To my knowledge the Johnson and Nixon administrations provided no aid to the Khmer Rouge. North Vietnam did until their victory, and then relations between them cooled rapidly until Vietnam invaded CAmbodia, defeated the Khmer Rouge, and took over the country. I think that if CIA did help them, it would have become known by now (say, a New York Times article). It is also claimed that American bombing was responsible for their genocides and mass murders that followed their victory.

    Nonsense. They did the same when they were an anti-government guerrilla movement in Cambodia and before any bombing took place or American aid would have, if it did.