Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Clunker Government Running HEALTHCARE?

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Anyone who has bought into the notion of a government run health care plan will do well to examine the latest government enterprise, Cash for Clunkers. It was supposed to reduce the CO2 old clunker cars and trucks “contributed” to global warming (never mind that human caused global warming is a gigantic hoax). As minor as it was in the Obama accounting system (a mere billion dollars to disburse), the program presumably provided government the showcase to display its capacity to work like a small business.
The program is a clunker. Designed to last for months, it ran out of money in a week. The chemicals necessary to destroy the engines of the clunkers were in short supply, dealers were not being repaid for the clunkers they bought, computer problems were tying up dealer applications for reimbursement, applications were taking too much dealer time and staff, dealers had to give up all privacy on their computers (see here), and the government is keeping secret from the public reports on the program. Not in the least, there was also widespread confusion over the meaning of the rules. Midway through it the EPA changed standards, forcing some who received $4,500 for their clunkers to return the money. Furthermore, a one-billion dollar program will be ballooning into a three-billion one, a typical underestimate of the funds needed.

Meanwhile, the Obama health industry nationalization scheme marches on in Congress. We’re talking here about the largest industry in the United States. In 2006, it involved four million jobs, and spent one dollar out of every six in the American economy. This is the huge industry that Democrats want to control, regulate, and eventually wholly nationalize.

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