Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not Health Care Reform--It's NATIONALIZATION

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Everyone appears to have accepted the Democrat’s characterization of the health-medical system they are proposing as heath care “reform”.

To reform means to improve. The Democrat’s proposals improve nothing. They are simply a stealth maneuver with an outright NATIONALIZATION OF THE HEALTH SYSTEM—a complete government take-over of health care—as the eventual goal.

Why do Republicans always hand Democrats such rhetorical victories as they did by accepting “Red States” for conservative, “Blue States” for liberal (red is universally the color of socialism); “militants” for terrorists; “anti-war” (those who disagree become war lovers), pro choice (not pro abortion), gun reform (not control) and on and on. Now we have “reform” for nationalization.

Republicans must carefully calculate their rhetoric, upstage Democratic rhetorical lies, and drive home the fact that NATIONALIZATION of one-sixth of our economy will be the outcome of Democratic proposals. Each Republican should be shouting from the rooftops—Democrats want to NATIONALIZE the best and freest health care in the world.

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