Saturday, August 22, 2009

Antarctic melting! NOT

Antarctica. Source

Look up in google “Antarctic melting,” and you will find about 99,400 English links. For “Antarctica not melting”, you will find about 37 links. Small wonder so many innocents believe in Global warming.
But, Antarctica overall is not melting. Only the smaller western side is. Ice in the vaster eastern side is increasing. Growing! How so if the globe is warming? On this see:

”Global warming melting Arctic Ice: Manipulation of public perceptions

”Drop in world temperatures fuels global warming debate”

”Antarctic Ice Growing, Not Melting Away”

”Report: Antarctic Ice Growing, Not Shrinking”
What we have here is a fraud perpetrated enthusiastically and sometimes knowingly (see ”Greenpeace Confesses to Ice Cap Melting Exaggeration”) by those who seek power to control industrial growth, and the “corruption, pollution, and greed of capitalism”. How better to achieve this socioeconomic cleansing than to promote the idea of a catastrophic global warming as proven by Antarctic ice melting at a very dangerous rate. And the cause of this global warming? Why, coincidentally, it just happens to be the industrial by product—CO2. Of course, then, production must be controlled. And such control over the full might of all industrial powers demands socialist power. Thus, Obama’s Cap and Trade bill in Congress.

Do not be fooled. Our freedom and standard of living are at stake.

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  1. Anything to ram home the likes of Kyoto and other economic handicaps on the world's democracies while giving the unelected regimes in China and the like a free pass. Kyoto itself, even if fully implemented, would do next to nothing in controlling CO2 levels. That is ofcourse if we are to assume that CO2 is the primary driver of climate change (which it is not).