Saturday, August 15, 2009

Socialism One Law At A Time

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I have great respect for subject matter expertise and am inclined to listen carefully to those who write about their specialty. How then do I presume to write blogs about Obamacare, when I am neither a doctor nor medical specialist; global warming and Cap and Trade, when I am not a climatologist, and so on. Simple. My political science expertise includes the democratic peace and the history and development of democracy. Today, I see a great threat to American democracy in the far left and socialists controlling Congress, presidency, courts, federal bureaucracies, many state governments, Hollywood, and the major universities and colleges, foundations, and media.

The American Constitution and check and balances system that have protected American freedom no longer work to do so. Democracy is at bay. As I have pointed out, a sword of Damocles hangs ready to plunge tyranny into the heart of American democracy. I intend to help prevent this by speaking the truth about the creeping socialism we face. It is anti-American, as are many of its purveyors. As polls consistently show, the vast majority of Americans oppose socialism and its weaker version, liberalism. If they are made aware of what is happening, socialism will be defeated, as with Obamacare now.

For those who want to see my scholarly and scientific research on democracy and the democratic peace, my democratic peace blog is the place for that (for the list of its blogs, see here). Here, I am the commentator and analyst in defense of American democracy.


  1. Bookmarked also. +1 new reader.

    I have trouble understanding why these socialist ideas are so appealing even to otherwise well educated university professors. Perhaps, they missed their history. Perhaps, like most people, they only see the utopian promises but no the pitfalls.

    I don't know.

  2. Two ways of looking at this. One is that socialism is a way to power. Two is that it is a way to do good, to help the poor and disadvantaged, without understanding it will make things worse for them and all others. Among the socialists I have known it is more or less a blend of both reasons