Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Will Obama Save American Democracy?

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As I have noted in previous blogs (see ”Tyranny Closing In—Nationalizing Health“, ”Tyranny Closing In—Nationalizing Food”, ”Tyranny closing in—Illegalizing Dissension”), a Sword of Damocles—EMP and Tyranny—hangs over America and it is closing in. Obama policies are responsible for this, but will he ultimately let the sword fall? Is tyranny under him our destiny?

Not necessarily. Obama is a 1960s peacenik. His most important policy goal is social justice --redistributing income and wealth to the poor and disadvantaged, thus promoting equality and social welfare.

To do this he needs the power of government. Political freedom and democracy (except for his own freedom and election) is secondary. The free market is a cesspool of greed and profit mongering. He has displayed these views in so many ways, as shown in the above linked blogs

Obama is not necessarily antidemocratic nor seeking a dictatorship. In his view, he is motivated by the most noble humanitarian impulses. He does not pursue power per se. But he must have socialist power to help the poor here and abroad. If tyranny is an unintended consequence, well, so be it. Government, after all, is a tool to be used. He is a creature of the French Revolution, not the American. For Obama, our Constitution, created to check and balance the power of government, is an inconvenient obstacle.

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