Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Democrats Continue to Kill American Security

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See U.S.: Reaction to the CIA Assassination Program by Scott Stewart and Fred Burton.

In April we discussed how some of the early actions of the Obama administration were having a chilling effect on U.S. counterterrorism programs and personnel. Expanding the minimum reporting requirements under the National Security Act will serve to turn the thermostat down several additional notches, as did Panetta’s overt killing of the covert program. It is one thing to quietly kill a controversial program; it is quite another to repudiate the CIA in public. In addition to damaging the already low morale at the agency, Panetta has announced in a very public manner that the United States has taken one important tool entirely out of the counterterrorism toolbox: Al Qaeda no longer has to fear the possibility of clandestine American assassination teams.

What the Democrats did in turning South Vietnam and Cambodia over to the communists, with a resulting bloodbath of several million, they are now unintentionally and stupidly doing to the United States. They might as well post a sign that says. "Islamofascists Welcome"

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