Friday, July 17, 2009

The Great Global Warming Power Grab

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First, see the two charts at"Global Warming Is A Scam For Power" that in themselves show how false global warming and its supposed connection to CO2.

Second, listen to this "The Great Global Warming Swindle."

You may not realize that this notion of Global warming does not fit scientific facts. What is claimed by global alarmists is not happening -- ice is not retreating, the earth’s recent temperature has not risen significantly, polar bears are not dying out, and oceans are not rising. Nor is there proof that human produced CO2 causes global warming. But the idea of global warming, even if glaringly false, is great for the socialists and progressive environmentalists. For if enough people (especially politicians) are made to believe this lie, it enables an incredible power grab. The idea can create, as it has, great fear. Purveyors of this lie can claim a global warming crisis. A disaster, unless we do something. And what must we do? Prevent CO2 emissions. Control capitalism at the root, of course.

Never mind the effect on the economy. These ideologues generally hate capitalism anyway. Now, the idea provides a means to power over capitalist industry and even activities in your home and at work. So they endlessly repeat the idea, and cunningly make it a social crime to deny it -- like denying the Holocaust.

Thus these ideologues have created, supported, and pushed for the so called Cap and Trade global warming, Bill. It narrowly passed in the House, and is being debated in the Senate.

If it does pass Congress, Obama will sign it. Then, unbelievable power will pass to the progressive socialists. And we will be much, much closer to tyranny because this lie was repeated so often that too many people came to believe it.

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  1. Hey man,
    First of all, I thought the cartoon was really funny, I even sent it to my friends...
    Having said that, I really think you should catch up on your reading - Global warming is a seriuos problem that we can't keep ignoring.