Friday, July 10, 2009

Tyranny Closing In—Nationalizing Health

So, how is the Sword of Damocles Hovering over the U.S doing? Moving away, closer?
Closing in. Note this:

Cartoon source

Health Police Manufacture An Epidemic

No one likes being called "fat," "overweight," or -- most of all -- "obese." But the truth hurts, and the sooner Tom Cruise, Mark McGwire, Michael Jordan, and President Bush acknowledge their bloated physiques, the sooner they can trim down. What's that you say? These fitness fanatics aren't fat? They are indeed, according to the federal government's Body Mass Index (BMI) standard, which uses only height and weight to classify folks as obese, overweight, or government-approved….

The faulty Body Mass Index doesn't serve the health interests of Americans. It only serves the meddlesome interests of trial lawyers and food cops. Thanks to the BMI standard, we are incessantly bombarded with the misleading statistic that 61 percent of Americans are overweight or obese. Such figures are the weak statistical foundation on which food activists build their nutritional utopias, including arguments for fat taxes and obesity lawsuits. More

See also Steele warns of 'health police' who will enforce yearly physicals

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