Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why Such Support for the Lie that is Global Warming?

The decadal correlation strengths (r-squared) of both the Hadley and MSU satellite with
the corresponding CO2 is non-existent (r2=0.00). Source.

I have produced a number of blogs on global warming, usually with supporting figures and charts. They are: To these I add the summary overview by Bert Tassoni, “Global Warming – Nonsense!”

These blogs and linked publications should establish that “global warming” is a lie, and moreover, a possible criminal conspiracy. Then why the incredible support by scientists, nations, the major media, and international organizations like the UN? Such overwhelming support that many equate global warming denial with Holocaust denial. So much so that government agents suppress contrary evidence, and scientists refuse to divulge data that might contradict the notion of global warming.

The explanation lies in the confluence of a number if interests. One is the politically strong environmental movement that has chosen to declare global warming as the central problem, using CO2 as the way to reign in and control the hated anti-earth industrial growth and capitalism.

Second are the socialists and Marxists in and out of government who also use this as a way to eliminate the evils of capitalism.

Third are the statists or fascists for whom global warming is an opportunity to increase government control of society and the economy. They believe that government must step in and resolve a global crisis of such magnitude. Thus, the Cap and Trade Bill and the numerous proposed controls and regulations to reduce CO2.

Fourth, not to be forgotten are the grants, contracts, and funds invested in dealing with global warming. This wealth and support to many would vanish were global warming known to be a lie.

Fifth, never underestimate the egos involved. By virtue of their writing, speeches, policies, and past actions, their reputations as politicians, scientists, and commentators depend on the idea of global warming continuing and growing.

Sixth, since all these interest infest the major media, it swallows the “truth” of global warming and its cause—CO2. Rejected is any possibility that the “evidence” is wrong or cherry picked or inconsistent. Thus, for a decade, the world has been misled and lied to, possibly criminally.

And finally, seventh, the vast public also has been duped by all those drum beating scientists, commentators, and politicians. Why not? They speak authoritatively. Are well respected. Why question their claim of a global crisis?

Perhaps it is time to, “Trust, but verify.”

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