Friday, October 2, 2009

It is Worse Than Celebrating the Holocaust


I have spent years documenting the mass murder (democide) of the Chinese people by Mao Tse-Tung. The resulting statistics, sources, notes, and descriptive history are in my China's Bloody Century: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900. My initial estimate of Mao’s horrible toll is in two parts:

  • Civil War-Sino-Japanese War 1923-1949 = 3,466,000 murdered

  • Rule over China (PRC) 1949-1987 = 35,236,000 murdered
At that time, I did not include China’s Great Famine, 1958-1961. From my study of what was available in English then, I could not define it as democide. However subsequent research has convinced me that it should be included. This changes Mao’s total to 76,692,000 (rounded off to 77,000,000) murdered.

This is now in line with the 65 million toll estimated for China in the Black Book of Communism, and Jung Chang and Jon Halliday’s estimate in their Mao of “well over 70 million.” On this see my blog ”Getting My Reestimate Of Mao’s Democide Out.”

Even my earlier figure far surpasses the 21,000,000 murdered by Hitler, including the Holocaust conventionally estimated to be 6,000,000 Jews. Yet, New York's Empire State Building was illuminated in red and yellow to HONOR the 60 year bloody communist tyranny over China.

The souls of the tens of millions of Chinese victims cry for recognition in vain. Weep for them.


  1. It is not exactly the same thing to celebrate the national birth of a state as to commemorate a specific set of genocides. I'll guess the Empire State building was lit because the geopolitical importance of China, not because US authorities are so very fond of the country or its government.

    The fun thing with China is how schizophrenic some of the newspapers go over it. Right-leaning newspapers and politicians are praising the economic wonder that is modern China. But as soon as a social democrat or leftist does the same, they shout "communist-massmurderer-sympathiser"! Its a funny show to watch nevertheless. *shrugs*

    China's government probably wish that Mao would have whacked a few more. An acquaintance of mine who have travelled in China has said that China would gladly see a population reduction to 750 or so million.

    Well, have to go :)


  2. Sadly, I think that the figure killed by Mao's regime is even higher, as I don't think you included the Tibet invasion in your figures. Many estimate that around 600,000 people were killed when Maoist China invaded Tibet.

    You can also argue that Mao was responsible for the escalation of violence in the Korean War.

  3. I did include the Invasion of Tibet and resulting occupation democide. I estimate that 150,000 Tibetans were killed, but the toll could be as high as 1,200,000.

  4. Sorry, I didn't find it beforehand. I presume you mean this part here lines 317-350

  5. The reason the rule of the Communists in Chinba got celebrated is because people don't know and people don't understand and those who do, may feel like they are alone, Or worse, right-wingers or something. It is a big fashion in academia to talk about terrible was that the real China experts weren't listened to in the 1940's and were attacked by Joseph McCarthy and the "China lobby" was bad thing and Richard Nixon's opening to Mao's China was a good thing - at that time EVERYTHING how bad it was was ignored. The material that would tell people about that was mostly published before 1965 and who under 50 or so has read any of these books? So people can do something like this and not understand what they are doing.

  6. Rummel I have your work, it is very touching, I have read Nazi democide rates as high as 26 million and some historians are claiming 8 million jews were murdered in the holocaust, is there enough evidence to put your figures up.

  7. This is completely absurd. Mao Zedong, the same man who walked 12.5 thousand kilometers with little food, amongst an armed unit as a strategy to liberate China from the West is responsible for the deaths of 77 million people? Absurd.

    Never once did the Chinese Communist Party commit "genocide". It's a fact that you are totally dishonest and use sensationalized death tolls for your own self-serving purposes.

    The leadership of Mao Zedong and the CPC saw a dramatic growth in population, life expectancy, literacy rates, income equality, gender equality, and so on. Do you mention at all how many Chinese people were drug addicts before 1949? Do you mention how many women were forced into marriages they didn't want or how many women had their feet bound because it was a "social norm" then? My guess is that you don't.

    Dishonest reactionaries like yourself shouldn't be allowed to teach.

    If you want to learn about the REAL truth of Mao Zedong and Chinese Socialism, read people who were actually there and not the "Asian People's Anti-Communist League" or Hong Kong publishers. Read books like:

    Red Star Over China by Edgar Snow

    The Battle For China's Past by Mobo Gao (which obliterates Chung/Holidays book)

    Some Of Us: Chinese Women Growing Up In the Mao Era by Bai Di, Xueping Zhong, and Wang Zheng

    The Unknown Cultural Revolution by Dongping Han

    Fanshen by William Hinton

    Shenfan by William Hinton

    Turning Point In China by William Hinton

    When Surfs Stood Up In Tibet by Anna Louise Strong (for the person who brought up Tibet)

    Prisoners Of Liberation by Allyn Rickett

    Revolution In A Chinese Village Ten Mile Inn by Isabel and David Crook

    I could recommend much, much more which paint a more truthful and honest picture of China under Mao Zedong and the CPC than Mr. Rummel is prepared to endorse.

  8. rummel in your Nazi Democide thesis you calculated about 5.3 million jews died in the holocaust,are you aware the holocaust is a lie it never happened, there is no proof Hitler killed the 5- 6 million Jews, only 1.5 million - 2 million died. The population in europe was 11.5 million in 1939 in 1945 it had barley reduced. No jews died in gas chambers, it is just not possible hitler killed 6 million jews in 5 years , your research isover exaggerated,the numbers were all a myth and your work is all egregious lies, the population of the jews just shows that six million could not have died, there is no evidence the holocaust happened, and stalin killed no more than 15 million, you need to change you figures, Hoss said 5-6 million died because the records were forged at Number berg face it Rummel only 1.5 million jews died

  9. There is now evidence that Hitler did not Kill six million jews and the fact of the matter is that the person who first quoted this unrealistic number did so in january 1945 before the camps were liberated, I doubt that even 3 million jews died in the Holocaust, there were no gas chambers wake up there was no holocaust, one of the death camps had 4 million killed and now only 1.5 million, no way did hitler kill 6 million jews, you just make huge numbers without a watershed proof, The Nazis only had 4.5 million under there control, explain that, so not even your figure of 5,291,000 could have been killed Holocaust is a lie, the numbers of jews does not tally with the populations at that time. how you are a bespoke Scholar I do not know the holocaust did not happen.

  10. explain why at Auschwitz death camp only 1.5 million died a reduction from 4 million, the answer is that 6 million Jews did not die in the holocaust, there are no water proof evidence off this number there is no way hitler killed 20946000 it is more like 11 million now. 1.5 million jews died in the holocaust

  11. There is evidence that Hitler did not kill 6 million jews, there is no proof he every did. The numbers at Auschwitz have been reduced from 4 million to 1.5 million, so less than 3 million died in the holocaust, The population was about 16 million in 1939 and it had hardly reduced so there is claims there was no holocaust. The only proof of the 6 million was the SS and leading Nazis but most of that was forged. So your estimates of 20,946,000 are hugely overestimated, not more than 10 million were murdered by the Nazis get used to it 6 million did not Die,hitler he listened to jewish Music, holocaust denial is more proof than your stupid estimates.

  12. The holocaust never occurred, not only did six million jews not die less than 2 million died, there were no gas chambers were used on the Jews it was just a media lie in 1945. The wan see conference claimed 11.5 million jews put there were only 9.7 million in Europe so Hitler could not have killed 5-6 million out of 9.7 million impossible, millions survived and escaped. you are a great scholar but the holocaust never happened, if you change your research then i may read it. Most Historians are now claiming that 6 million Jews is too high, it is just a lie the 6 million was a myth

  13. The fact is dear RJ Rummel your figures are absurd and the fact is that 6 million jews did not die in the holocaust,scholars now know the holocaust did not happen it was just a myth, you tell me how is it logically mathematically possible that the Nazis from 1939- 1945 could have killed 20,946,000, that is 4 million a year, how could they kill so much, no more than 1.5 million jews died in the holocaust, 1.5 million at Auschwitz not 4 million. your website is dishonest lies, face it the holocaust never happened